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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tim Donnelly beat Jerry Brown in two counties

By Gary;

The Secretary of State is still counting votes, but as of now Republican State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly beat Democrat Jerry Brown in two counties:  Modoc and Lassen in far Northern California.

That is certainly better than the GOP "Establishment" candidate Neel Kashkari who carried nothing and will be abandoned by his Republican establishment supporters in November to twist slowly in the wind.

I have not  totally made up my mind, but as of today I am planning to skip over the race for Governor and not vote at all.

The "moderate" GOP Establishment has stated that they want nothing to do with Conservatism.  They acted to abolish the GOP primary to reduce our power and also to eliminate all smaller political parties and independent candidates on the November ballot so we are unable to cast any protect votes against them.

I say Fuck 'em.

If they are screwing over our right to vote for who we want then I will withhold my vote from their boot-licking lackey candidate.


Source:  California Secretary of State

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