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Monday, December 9, 2013

California Obamacare exchange is giving out your private information

 "Corruptus in Extremis"
  • Corrupt drone government workers have given your private Obamacare info to "selected" private businesses so you can be telemarketed.
  • Even under normal circumstances your "private" data on the Internet leaks like a sieve through stupidity, corruption or hacking.  Under Democrat Socialism your sensitive private medical information should be available to about 3.7 billion people on any given day.

Widespread fears that Obamacare exchanges would fail to guard customer information are already coming true in California, where the state exchange is giving selected insurance agents customer contact information, resulting in unwanted calls and emails to Californians who have checked out the exchange but declined to buy insurance.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Covered California, which Obamacare proponents have held up as a rare example of a functioning state health care exchange, provides names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of customers who did not ask to be contacted.

“[Y]our contact information was provided to me by Covered California since your application is not yet finalized, however, you have been determined as eligible by Covered California,” an email sent to one outraged Californian began.

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee told the paper that the unwanted contacts were necessary because the exchange is falling behind in its enrollment goals.

“I can imagine some people may be upset,” Lee offered.

The Golden State maintains a network of 7,700 technically private insurance agents to promote its health care exchange. The Times contacted agents who expressed outrage or conceded that the calls could be irksome to customers. The president of the California Association of Health Underwriters told the paper he was “shocked and dumbfounded” by the news and had assumed the customers on the call list requested contact.

“For a government agency to release this information to an outside person is a major issue,” a Ventura County tech consultant, who received an unwanted outreach, told the paper.

Lee told the Times Covered California does not share sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and maintained that the practice is legal.

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